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We believe there is a place in the market to offer aluminium products that are reasonably priced and available to everyone.
UAS-Ltd offers superior aluminium products that give slim sightline and are aesthetically pleasing.

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In the past, aluminium windows were only available in silver, surrounded by hassle-prone timber frames and susceptible to condensation. With the modern market, this is no longer true and aluminium windows are on the rise again. They’re a great alternative to timber and uPVC, providing durability, strength and style.
Developments in thermal technology mean that aluminium windows and doors are among the best-insulated on the market, owing to thermal breaks. Whereas uPVC and timber can expand and contract when the ambient temperature changes, aluminium is highly stable – there’s no expansion or contraction that would make doors difficult to open or close.

Aluminium is now firmly established as an alternative to uPVC windows. It is far stronger than uPVC so not only is it easy to install, it’s structural integrity gives it the ability to hold large glass panes.


Aluminium is preferred in conservation areas due to its aesthetics. It’s slim design makes it easier to maintain the character and integrity of period properties. We can fit them into existing frames.


We offer aluminium windows in a full range of RAL colours and the option for dual colours. This means you can have a different colour on the inside and outside of your property.


They incorporate multi-point locking systems and additional security features such as shoot bolts. If uPVC windows are reinforced with wood or metal, they’re still not as strong as aluminium.