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Universal Aluminium Systems.

UAS-Ltd offers superior aluminum products that give slim sightline and are aesthetically pleasing.

We believe there is a place in the market to offer aluminum products that are reasonably priced and available to everyone.

We are committed to working hard to drive down our supplier costs to enable us to pass the

savings on to our customers, ensuring that they receive a superior product at a favourable rate.

We firmly believe that if a customer has spent money with us and they have a fault that is outside of the warranty, we will replace the said item so long as it has been maintained, regardless of age.

…Aluminium is very trendy these days. A lot of architect-designed houses come with bi-fold doors, which UAS-Ltd makes using aluminium. It’s a much more modern look because the sight lines are much slimmer, so more of your window will be glass. This will generate a feeling of well being as the room will be brighter.